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The Renaissance of Leadership: Awakening Human Potential in the Age of AI

The Renaissance of Leadership: Awakening Human Potential in the Age of AI Hello Reader, A revolution is brewing. But this time, it's not about the next generation of computers, smartphones, or the Internet. It's about something more profound and intrinsic to our human experience. It's about leadership and human potential in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Over a decade ago, I embarked on what I now realize was more than a professional journey. It was an odyssey—a deep dive into the realms...
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11 days ago • 2 min read

Beyond AI: The True Frontier of Innovation

Beyond AI: The True Frontier of Innovation Hello Reader, I've been thinking lately about the allure of artificial intelligence and why we don't more enthusiastically embrace something far more reaching and powerful – the inner leader path. While artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for processing information and making data-driven decisions, it lacks the intuitive, empathetic, and self-reflective qualities essential for true leadership. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "What lies behind...
22 days ago • 1 min read

Leadership at the Edge of the Map: Charting the Invisible Frontiers

Leadership at the Edge of the Map: Charting the Invisible Frontiers Hello Reader, My journey over the last 13 years has transformed me in ways I could never have anticipated, both personally and professionally. It was Joseph Jaworski who first lit the path for me by positing that the future unfolds not just around us but through us when we take the journey inside. This perspective has since become the bedrock of my worldview, steering me away from solely economic ambitions to a quest for...
30 days ago • 2 min read

Unlocking Today's Workplace: Can Inclusive Leadership Be the Magic Key?

Hello Reader, I recently had a riveting conversation at Forward Thinking Workplaces with Steffan Surdek, author of The Way of the Co-Creative Leader. We explored the heart of genuine connection, purpose, and inclusivity in today's work environment. Steffan's take? Authentic leadership is built on self-awareness, mutual respect, and an ongoing journey of growth. His insights are enlightening and actionable, offering a fresh lens to view leadership and team dynamics. Go to the Interview I'd...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Find Your Genuine Echo

Find Your Genuine Echo Like a haunting melody, your leadership rings with undeniable authenticity—a song your soul has crafted and the world yearns to hear. Though the familiar offers comfort, genuine leaders cast echoes of undiscovered wonders. Instead of tracing a predefined path, immerse yourself in the depth of your humanity. Let your leadership be the mirror reflecting your true essence to the world. Dare to envision what's beyond the visible horizon. Your journey should not just be...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Leadership Is The Resonance of Intrinsic Truth in the World

Leadership Is The Resonance of Intrinsic Truth in the World Recently, I delved deeper into the essence of my work, identity, and journey. Across the body of my work — from “5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success” to “Forward Thinking Workplaces” to “Space Beyond Boundaries” to "LeaderONE" and all waypoints in between — there’s been a journey of discovery and an unveiling of more profound truths. While some advised me to remain static and package what I had, my path never allowed such...
2 months ago • 2 min read

The Alchemy of Innovation: Crafting Tomorrow’s Workplaces Today

The Alchemy of Innovation: Crafting Tomorrow’s Workplaces Today Since the 2018 publication of my article “A Forward Thinking Workplace” in the Cutter Business Technology Journal, the discourse around organizational transformation has advanced notably. In the Cutter article, a radical shift was proposed from obsolete change management strategies to a more proactive, forward-thinking mindset focusing on innovation, collaboration, and connectivity as its nucleus. Since then, through my ongoing...
2 months ago • 1 min read

Conversations Beyond Boundaries

Hello Reader, What if unlocking limitless possibilities and unforeseen transformations was a conversation away? I know that sounds a bit farfetched, but we can create spaces where conversations transform, evolve, and unlock boundless possibilities. This has been one of my work's key and evolving dimensions over the past 13 years. In my latest article, we explore the pioneering ideas of physicist and philosopher David Bohm on mastering transformative dialogue, a method allowing us to discover...
2 months ago • 1 min read

Why More Meaningful Conversation is Your Untapped Multiplier

Most people have conversations that don't go beyond a simple exchange of information. Few people engage in those deeper, more meaningful exchanges we call dialogue. I can relate. For the longest time, terms like "dialogue" and "collective intelligence" blurred into the background. To me, a conversation was just that, and nothing more. But in 2014, my perspective shifted dramatically. During a discussion with my business partner, I found myself recounting a workshop on dialogue with Joseph...
3 months ago • 1 min read

How to Shape Tomorrow Today by Turning Business as Usual into Innovation

Hello Reader, I look forward to presenting How to Shape Tomorrow Today by Turning Business as Usual into Innovation at the 2024 IEEE Aerospace Conference. The aerospace sector and many other vital industries today stand at the forefront of technological innovation, with aspirations from artificial intelligence and deep-space exploration to revolutionizing terrestrial transportation. However, a stark contrast exists between our ambitious future and the outdated frameworks that govern our...
3 months ago • 1 min read
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