Voices of transformation

Discover the transformative power of our programs through the words of those who’ve lived it. Here, industry leaders and visionaries share their honest experiences. Each story is a window into a journey of personal and professional evolution shaped by our innovative approach. These testimonials go beyond individual success; they’re a collective narrative of change, driving more human, creative, and effective ways of working.

“I have this embodied vibration experience and feel a lot of love here. It reenergizes me to continue working hard to bring that into my organization and make a difference in the world.”Claude Cloutier, Managing Dir., Accenture

“We need to tap into our unconscious and our full selves to deal with the complexity of today’s world. Because you can’t just manage complexity through your prefrontal cortex. We’ve got to use our entire brain and our entire body.”Liz Guthridge, Leadership Coach

“We need different ways of thinking and working, but most people are stuck in their habitual ways. We need new entry points. The cards are an excellent vehicle for opening up and igniting more people to new ways of being, thinking, and doing.”Wolfgang Fiebig, Facilitator, Mentor & Coach

“Congratulations!! on a brilliant book that I know has come from real-life experiences of experts in the workplace — enhanced by your unique ability to synthesize, distinguish, and expand on as practical wisdom. What an important work this is — as the Future is literally here now.”Dianne Collins, Do You Quantum Think?

“So much leadership and cultural value all in one book.”John Bell, CEO (Retired), Jacobs Suchard