My published articles

A list of my articles published in the Cutter business and technology journals.

The Team Member of the 21st Century Is a Leader of One

In this article, I delve into the transformative journey of inner leadership. My personal experience has taught me that true change is an inside-out process. Drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Joseph Jaworski, I’ve come to understand that leadership is more about being than doing. This insight is crucial in today’s world, where traditional hierarchies are fading, and leadership at every level becomes more critical.

A Forward Thinking Workplace

In this article, I challenge traditional change management in today’s digital era. ‘A Forward-Thinking Workplace’ emphasizes innovative, adaptive cultures for digital transformation. Drawing from global leader insights and personal experiences, I underscore the importance of forward-thinking strategies for organizational and individual success in a digital world.

The Agile CMMI Conversation Is a Dead End (coming soon)

Through my article ‘The Agile CMMI Conversation Is a Dead End,’ I challenge the effectiveness of popular methodologies like Agile and CMMI in driving true organizational change. Drawing on my extensive experience and expert interviews, I advocate for a deeper focus beyond these methods. I emphasize the importance of empowered leadership and context-aware strategies, calling for a fundamental shift towards meaningful change and enhanced organizational self-awareness.

Lacking and Longing in the Workplace: What undermines employee happiness? (coming soon)

In this article, I delve into the core issues affecting workplace satisfaction. Analyzing insights from numerous leaders, I uncover key themes like the need for authenticity, purpose, and community. My work reveals critical paths towards enhancing employee happiness and, consequently, business success.