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    The Future of the Workplace

    Bill Fox, Author and Co-founder of Forward Thinking Workplaces

    Who is Bill Fox

    Hi, I’m Bill Fox, and I’m the co-founder of Forward Thinking Workplaces, and the author of The Future of the Workplace.

    I help build forward thinking human workplace cultures and lead a unique global conversation with 125+ global leaders that distinguishes new solutions and practical wisdom for the 21st-century.

    "Bill Fox’s work is some of the best thinking of our time. He makes big thinkers accessible." -Tony Heath, Lean Leader

    . . .

    Bill Fox has a gift for identifying, connecting with, and helping the rest of us understand the leaders of tomorrow, today. -Marc Hanlan, LLMC Partners

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    Your questions are more important than our answers? Why? Because every leader ought to be asking him/herself those questions and implementing the forward thinking insights that will create meaningful purpose, and superior performance. -John Bell, CEO (Past), Jacobs Suchard

    What will you learn?

    Attendees learn how the forward-thinking approach helps you move beyond best practices, resistance to change, and working harder, or even smarter while solving today’s most vexing workplace challenges.

    This program teaches an approach to workplace transformation that activates and engages the collective wisdom of global top leaders and everyone on your team to help you learn how to live and work together in new ways.